ON CLOVER ROAD BACKSTAGE GUIDE 7 If I weren’t an actor: I would be home more. Childhood nickname: Doobie. Not what you might think. I was a big Romper Room fan. Best career advice I’ve received: "You're talented. It's not enough. You still have to work at it." -Dan Wilhelm, ISU Professor of Theatre in costume design, not my major, but I had him for a make up class. Favorite part of the job: Getting to see what other awesome artists I get to work with this time, and creating something with them. Worst part of the job: Asking myself why I am still doing this. The answers aren't easy to come by, which makes asking the question all the more challenging. How I made my first dollar: An after school paper route on Wednesdays in the sixth grade. Mrs. Dinklenburg ran a tight ship. What I’d want for my last meal: Moist, thick vanilla birthday cake, not necessarily my own, with plenty of white buttercream frosting and a large cup of black tea, sweetened, with cream, eaten with my family. Favorite item of clothing: A blue hoodie. I like to blend. I have three: each one for a different temperature. If I could invent one thing: It would be a new letter in the alphabet. Imagine the royalties. One of my hidden talents: I'm a very fast walker because I have loose hips. “THE BACKSTORY” WITH PHILIP EARL JOHNSON American Blues Theater Ensemble member Philip Earl Johnson plays “Stine” in On Clover Road. We asked Phil to share some lesser-known facts about himself in “The Backstory.” Actor Philip Earl Johnson Actor Philip Earl Johnson in American Blues Theater’s The Columnist in 2017