Join us from the comforts of your own space to engage with our artists and ephemeral programming in the @Home accessibility series. Inspired by our live-streaming events during the pandemic, we continue the tradition by popular demand.  Check this space for upcoming readings and concerts streamed on Zoom. These events are one-night-only and will not be recorded for future viewing.

A Evening Concert with Liz

featuring Artistic Affiliate Liz Chidester

February 1, 2024

Join us for a special concert from Ensemble member Liz Chidester’s home to yours. Featuring original work from this award-winning artist.

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The Cratchits (in America)

written by Artistic Affiliate James Still
directed by Artistic Affiliate Halena Kays

October 23, 2023

The Cratchit family. Weren’t they in “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens? Yes. But this is about another Cratchit family that is both contemporary and American. Adult siblings Martha, Belinda, and (Tiny) Tim share history with Dickens’ fictive family, but also have history of their own making. Set in a declining American city called Dickens, they are a family of broken relationships trying to find ways to repair and move forward.

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The Room was an accessible reading series that brought original work, plays in-development, and new stories to Chicago audiences by live-streaming on Zoom.  See our archives.

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The Garage was an accessible concert series featuring our Ensemble and Artistic Affiliates and brought live music to Chicago audiences by live-streaming on Zoom. See our archives.

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