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Stories shape the way we view the world. They allow us to see ourselves in others, engage our empathy, and introduce cultures we may never have experienced. The Rubber Banned Book Club chooses 1 banned book from PEN America’s list to read, discuss, and advocate for its bounce back into circulation. Join our book club to hear our award-winning artists read, and stay for the discussion. We host both in-person and live-streamed gatherings for national members. Admission is free. Growth is priceless.

The Bluest Eye

by Toni Morrison

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First published in 1970, Morrison’s novel about a Black girl growing up during the Great Depression is a meditation on the oppressive nature of America’s white-centric conception of beauty, as New York Times reviewer John Leonard wrote at the time. The story’s depiction of child abuse and sexual violence led it to being banned at a Southern California high school and elsewhere. (32 bans, 73 challenges)


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