Congratulations to Elaine Romero for winning the 2013 Blue Ink Playwriting Award for her script “Graveyard of Empires”.

Finalists were Dave Carley for “American Detour” and Jim Henry for “Jellofish”.

Honorable mentions include:  Laura Axelrod “Searching for the Sign”, Sarah Bowden “The Magnificent Masked Hearing Aid”, Richard Brockman “Lake Effect”, Michael Burgan “I Killed Mussolini”, Gloria Bond Clunie “SMOKE”, Carlos Jerome “Booked”, and Mary Kathryn Nagle “Miss Lead”.

Since beginning our national competition in 2010, we’ve received over 1,100 submissions from all over the country.  The winner is awarded a cash prize of $500.00 and receives a staged-reading of her manuscript. The winning play is chosen by a selection committee comprised of American Blues Theater Ensemble members.

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