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“TOP LIST – Highest Rated Shows in Chicago” Theater in Chicago

“WHIP-SMART! THREE & 1/2 STARS (out of 4)!  American Blues Theater production is so darn on-the-money!  Delicious and admirably honest couple of hours…Deftly explored, intimate, classy, involving, well-acted production.” –Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“FIVE STARS (out of 5)MUST SEE ‘STORY’!  Incredible production!  American Blues Theater, one of Chicago’s pioneers, just keeps getting stronger.  Masterful set designed by Sarah E. Ross and solid lighting by Sarah Hughey!” –Alan Bresloff, Around the Town

“This production culminates in a knock-down, drag-out that leaves welts.” –Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  You’d be hard pressed to find a finer acted play than ‘Collected Stories’!  Mary Ann Thebus and Jessica Thebus put their subtle touches on this marvelous drama.” –Tom Williams, Chicago Theatre Review

“[Carmen Roman & Gwendolyn Whiteside]  Together, these two talented women plow this strikingly raw and honest production.  Co-directors [Mary Ann & Jessica Thebus] ensure that each moment is infused with a deep sense of honesty and investment.” –Zach Freeman, Newcity Chicago

You won’t want this story to end!  The emotions are intense…the lines are drawn.  The climax becomes a personal moment for the audience.  THREE & 1/2 STARS (out of 4)!” –Katy Walsh, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Perfected Stories!  Thriving performances…two actresses at the top of their game and directors who flood the stage with nuance.  Both Roman and Whiteside are the epitome of what critics refer to when we say ‘multi-layered’.” –Tony Frankel, Stage & Cinema

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