Blue Ink Playwriting AwardDirected by Ensemble member Heather Meyers.
Featuring Ensemble member Carmen Roman and guest artists Mick Weber, Randy Steinmeyer, Brian Sheridan, Lisandra Tena, and Jessie David Perez.
Sunday, July 21 at 7:00pm
Greenhouse Theater Center 2257 N. Lincoln
Suggested $5 donation at the door

About the script
Software Engineer Drew Snider has a mind that remembers every moment of his life. Maybe that’s why he can never quite let go of his ex-wife, Shanti, and why he still remembers the software he developed for unmanned flying vehicles for the U.S. military. Their son Nathan grew up feeling inferior to his dad and volunteered to go to war. He once met Ramiro Enriquez, a pilot who never gets to fly, but fires weapons in the Middle East from a desert in Nevada. Ramiro is held responsible for the death of Nathan and his platoon in a predator-drone friendly fire incident. Will the survivors piece together a future while absorbing a wounded past?

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