ABT-HWLH_200x300HANK WILLIAMS: Lost Highway

Interview with Damon Kiely and Matthew Brumlow

by Kelli Marino, dramaturg

KM: What is your favorite Hank Williams’ song or the one with which you most identify?

DK: I’m always knocked out by his two biggest hits: “I saw the Light” and “Lovesick Blues.” “I Saw the Light” actually influenced me to start writing an adaptation of The Bacchae (I’m still working on it). When I listen to “I Saw the Light” I truly do feel full of the spirit. I feel closer to God; it makes me want to dance in a church.  “Lovesick Blues” is just an incredible song and I can understand why he was asked to give six encores at the Opry. The song is so heartfelt that he cuts straight to your soul.

MB: When I was able to sing, “I Saw the Light” to my Nanny moments before she peacefully passed away two years ago, it was one of my best memories.  For this reason working on “Hank” has become an even greater privilege.  Every night I get to sing that encore with our fine cast and audience, I will be thinking of loved ones, family, my Nanny…and I know Hank would love that.

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