Join us for the 2016 Ripped: The Living Newspaper Festival. All proceeds benefit American Blues Theater’s arts education program The Lincoln Project in Chicago Public Schools which serves over 1,500 students.

Tuesday May 17, 2016
Doors open 6:00pm; Performance begins at 7:00pm
2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago 60614

Tickets are $12 and includes pizza, beverages, desserts, and the performances

Call (312) 725-4228 to reserve your ticket or buy online above.
This performance will sell-out.

2016 Ripped: The Living Newspaper Festival

“Two Different Americas”
by CPS students
directed by Elyse Dolan^
featuring Freddie Beckley, Miles Blim, Alice da Cunha, Robert Isaac, Yando Lopez, & Sharon Kushiner.

“My Son”
by Larissa FastHorse
directed by Heather Meyers^
featuring Jazmin Corona, Marta Evans, Yunuen Pardo, & Pat Patton.

“Legitimacy Through Transparency”
by Keith Huff
directed by Hans Fleischmann
featuring Peter DeFaria, Editha Rosario Moore^, & Daniel Rivkin.

“Tweets by Trump: a selection from May 1 – May 17”
by Donald J. Trump, curated by Gwendolyn Whiteside^
directed by Carmen Roman^
featuring James Leaming^.

excerpt from “My Dream Act”
by Martha Razo and Cecilie Keenan
directed by Cecilie Keenan
featuring Martha Razo.

“Do This Work”
by Darren Canady^
directed by Elyse Dolan^
featuring Gilbert Domally & Martel Manning.

by Elaine Romero
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Roberto Jonson & Carmen Roman^.

excerpt from “P.I.G.”
by Rohina Malik
directed by Geoff Button
featuring Abu Ansari, Sahar Dika, Kurt Ehrmann, Matt Holzfeind, Mechelle Moe, Almanya Narula, & Mark Ulrich.

by Ron West
directed by Joe Dempsey^
featuring Aurora Adachi-Winter, Will Clinger, Zach Flax, Cheryl Graeff, Suzanne Petri, & Rebecca Sparks.

by Li-ning Yeh
directed by Heather Meyers^
featuring Cory Krebsbach, Sarah E. Ross, & Craig Spidle.

^ Ensemble member or Artistic Affiliate of American Blues Theater

About Ripped: The Living Newspaper Festival

Chicago’s Original – Est. 2009

Since 2009, we’ve produced fifteen editions utilizing over 450 artists! Based on the 1930s WPA era program that brought Orson Welles, Arthur Miller, and Clifford Odets into public attention, we present short plays ripped from today’s headlines.

Our annual festival cultivates new material and allows audiences to discuss topical issues together. American Blues Theater provides community service and raises awareness through creative collaborations. The following organizations have been supported by RIPPED events since its inception in 2009: AgrAbility, Chicago Public Schools, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Illinois Farm Bureau, Lincoln Park Community Shelter, University of Chicago’s Urban Education Teachers Program, and Open Books.

The annual festival occurs in May.

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