Nominate a beloved healthcare service worker for a “Healthcare Hero” tribute during our 2020 It’s a Wonderful Life: Live in Chicago! We extend our gratitude to all nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants, first responders, scientists, hospital frontline workers including janitorial, reception, cafeteria, and religious services for their dedication during a global pandemic.

During each performance, we honor one person from the healthcare industry with a short personal testimonial, a projected photo, a certificate, and one (1) complimentary household admission to the show.  This makes for an incredible holiday present for a loved one, colleague, friend, or self-care treat.

Submissions should be sent to American Blues Theater.  Hurry!  There are limited spots available. Neither you nor your nominee must be present to receive the honor.  For more information, contact Elyse Dolan at

Examples of “Healthcare Hero” tributes:

Tamika L. Johnson, Rush Hospital
Nurse Tamika Johnson has served in the medical industry for over 30 years. When she’s not caring for others, she loves spending time with her family and friends, volunteering for animal rescue organizations, and making the world’s best lasagna. Chicagoland patients are lucky to have her.

Dr. Kenneth Moore
An oncologist with a big brain and even bigger heart. There are two moments that are forever seared into my memory – 1) when he gently broke the news of my diagnosis and held my hand. 2) when he hugged me and said the words “clear margins”. I owe my life to Dr. Moore.

Ruth Griffin
“Dear Mom,
Ever since I was a little girl, you’ve shown me what true character is. You worked the overnight shift to provide for us. When the pandemic hit, you were the first to volunteer – despite being retired. Day after day, you continue to serve selflessly. You are an angel on Earth.
Your Daughter Jess

Marcie Smith has been a registered NICU nurse at Riley Children’s Health Hospital since 2016. Marcie helps some are tiniest and most fragile members of society grow and thrive. There are many painful obstacles and outcomes in this job but Marcie celebrates the happy moments and stays strong and courageous and supportive through the hard ones! Thank you Marcie for being such a beautiful friend and for all of the hard, important work you do!!

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