UPDATE (10/2/23)

We’re honored & thrilled that FENCES won 3 Joseph Jefferson Awards last night:

Huge congratulations & thanks to all of the artists, crew, technicians, and staff involved in the production, including:

Kamal Angelo Bolden, Manny Buckley, Shanésia Davis, Ajax Dontavius, Martel Manning, William Anthony Sebastian Rose II, Riley Wells, Monty Cole, Yeaji Kim, Jared Gooding, Stephanie Cluggish, Rick Sims, Verity Neely, Charlie Baker, Cara Parrish, Monet Felton, Rachel West, Delena Bradley, Daniel C. Brown, Shandee Vaughan, Manny Ortiz, Breana Young, Carly Jo Geer, Wendy Whiteside, Elyse Dolan, Samantha Mitchell, Sarajane Johnson, Tania Richard, Cathy Taylor, Kelsey Moorhouse, Robert Wilson, Warren Levon, Nneoma Sampson, Lucas Looch Johnson, Nia Wright, David Ortiz, Michael Trudeau, Nicholas Chamnick, Ryan Dygert, Emily Weldon, Anna Marek, Danyelle Coskrey, Jaysen Giroux, Steven Abbot, Cassie Grant, Emily Altman, Duncan Hon, Art Zarko, Kieran O’Connor, Maday Favela, Lily Walls, Eabha Dunne, Michael Brosilow, Wandachristine, Chuck Smith, and The Saints.



Thank you to absolutely everyone involved (and please let us know if we forgot anyone on our list)! And a special thank you to August Wilson’s estate for trusting us with this piece — we’re deeply honored to have had the opportunity to bring Wilson’s work to our stage.


Congratulations to the company of August Wilson’s FENCES for the following nominations!

Production (midsize)

Ensemble – play

Monty Cole – director (midsize)

Jared Gooding – lighting design (midsize)

Kamal Bolden – performer in principal role (play)

Shanésia Davis – performer in principal role (play)


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