Nominate a beloved teacher for a “Teacher Tribute” during our 2023 It’s a Wonderful Life: Live in Chicago! We extend our gratitude to all teachers, teachers’ aides, professors, janitors, cafeteria workers, and school administrators during nearly two years of a global pandemic.

During each performance, we honor one person from education with a short personal testimonial, a projected photo, a certificate, and two (2) complimentary tickets to the show.  This makes for an incredible holiday present for a loved one, colleague, friend, or self-care treat.

Submissions should be sent to American Blues Theater.  Hurry!  There are limited spots available. Neither you nor your nominee must be present to receive the honor.  For more information, contact Elyse Dolan at

Examples of “Teacher Tributes”

To: Paul Edwards / From: W – You are the reason I love performing literature and see every person as an incredible story. I can’t thank you enough for all that you taught me. I learn and relearn from you daily.

My mother, Mrs. Gladys Newbery served her community for over fifty years as a beloved teacher. She taught thousands of fourth and fifth graders with humor, discipline, and had a cackle like no other. My siblings and I never felt jealous of her “other kids”. We felt special – the students had her for a year; we had her for a lifetime. Rest in peace.

Paul Johnson has taught special education students for over 25 years, and currently teaches at Juarez High School. Paul advocates for his students at every opportunity, and tries to instill a joy of learning outside the classroom, turning his own extensive manga collection into a lending library for his students, and leading after-school clubs for Go and Magic the Gathering.

Mrs. McCarthy teaches 8th grade at James B. McPherson Elementary School. She encourages all of her students to meet their fullest potential and fosters a classroom environment that promotes a lifelong love of learning.

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