Join us for our next Commons event! This will be our inaugural event in our new studio space, featuring Ensemble member Ian Paul Custer and his band.

Monday, March 18 @ 7:00 PM

The show runs approximately 70 minutes with no intermission. Following the concert, feel free to stay in the lobby and meet the musicians.

Buy tickets HERE or call (773) 654-3103. Suggested donation is $15 or pay-what-you-can.

the real time is a 5-piece Chicago based band playing the hits you know from the times you’ve lived through and then some.  The band stirs their set list with rock, alternative, and pop songs, mixed with the band’s own originally written rock/funk music.  Strong lead vocals, a bumping bass, guitars and synths that will talk at you and sing with you, all held down by a drum beat that just won’t quit…let the real time be your next good time.

instagram: @therealtimeband

Briana Bower – Lead vocalist and songwriter Briana Bower is a full time solo acoustic musician in Chicago.  She’s a singer/songwriter with a passion for genres all over the map.  Her main vocal & musical inspirations are Amy Winehouse, Dolly Parton, Alanis Morissette, Adele, and Rachael Price.  @brianabower

Ian Custer – Our band leader and the man on keys and synths, singer/songwriter Ian Custer plays with an emphasis in blues, jazz, and rock music.  You can catch Ian performing as an actor, musician, and vocal artist all around Chicago…and now, of course, with the real time.  @ipcyeahyouknowme

Jack Morsovillo – Our lead guitarist, Jack Morsovillo was born into a musical family on the South Side of Chicago.  Raised on a steady diet of classic rock, Motown, blues, and pop, it wasn’t long before pubescence unveiled to him the world of punk rock.  Starting as a drummer at age 8, he would thrash along to Bonham and Growl coming form the small boom box in the garage.  When his drum heads broke at age 12, he picked up the guitar that he dabbled with.  Twenty years on, he has composed and performed for various theatrical productions, and is thrilled to get back into the musical realm after many years, looking to add a new dimension and energy to the band.  Look to Jack for hints of Jack Black, alt country grunge, and just a bit of Italian rage sweat. @jmorsovillo

Lior Shragg – If you’re looking for a man who will have you saying, “Wow!  Good job drumming!” then look no further than Lior Shragg.  9/10 dentists recommend Lior over the other leading brands of drummers.  He is often seen playing in the pit orchestras of musicals around Chicago.  Dabbling as a full time father, Lior also is good at being a dad.  If you want a new father, come check out Lior lay down the NASTIEST pocket since the BBQ Recipe Beef Hot Pockets. @liornoteeyore

Kelan Smith – The amazing Kelan Smith plays damn near every instrument with strings and beyond.  Not only does he lay down a nasty bass, he arranges, directs, and keeps the real time in check.  Without his ear, we wouldn’t be who or where we are.  You can also see Kelan throughout Chicago and the United States performing as an actor/musician.  @kelanm.smith



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