Philip Earl Johnson. 34 years as MooNiE: Juggler. FooLiSH MorTaL. He’s leaving the props at home. And now he’s talking back. Misadventures during international travel, Jury Duty and hilariously challenging patrons are just a few of the subjects he takes on in this 80 minute lilt and skewer of stand up, comic tales and original music. Think Netflix special with a Renaissance Clown. He’s still not playing nice. Why would you want him to! Unlike his regular MooNiE Show, this one is not for the younger kids as there will be adult language and situations. Recommended for 16 yrs+

2 Performances Only. Shows will sell out.

SATURDAY, MAY 25 @ 7:00 PM
SUNDAY, MAY 26 @ 3:00 PM

The event runs approximately 75 minutes.  Buy tickets HERE or call (773) 654-3103.


PHILIP EARL JOHNSON  is a proud Ensemble member of American Blues Theater. He has worked around the country as an actor and comedian for the last 40 years. His show MooNiE the Magnif’Cent: Juggler, Ropewalker, FooLiSH MorTaL! has been performed over 11,000 times at fringe festivals, theatres and comedy clubs over the last 34 years and was voted the #1 comedy act nationally at renaissance festivals six times. He is also a Jeff Award wining actor and has been seen on many Chicago area stages including American Blues, The Goodman, Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare, Writers, Court, Timeline, Paramount and Famous Door Theatre’s as well as the first national tour of Angels in America, which originated in Chicago. While he has many television and film credits, he is happiest performing live on stage.



Certainly not all, but most of his 11,000+ performances of The MooNiE Show have been at renaissance festivals found all around the country. There are well over 100 festivals in nearly all 48 states. Some have attendance of over 50,000 people per day. Some are one weekend shows with a modest attendance. All of these festivals, regardless of size, promote an inclusive environment that encourages participation by the audience, often on stage or in the streets of the village, with the performers as well as dressing up. Over the years the festivals, which are recreations of a European renaissance era marketplace have evolved from a strictly renaissance dress theme to encouraging people to use their imaginations. Many people come dressed as their favorite character from different time periods, Anime, comic books and film characters expanding the theme in an even more inclusive way, always in a safe and watchful environment. The MooNiE Show is designed to include everyone, and create comedy using whoever is at the show, whether he brings them on stage or they remain in the audience. It’s the same show but it’s always different as the audience is always different.

This show, No One Cares About Clown Pain, is a comic travelogue about what it is like to be on stage, turning the chaos of 20,000 people enjoying a day outside at a festival, amidst all the joyful knuckleheads who bring their own flavor of fun, into a comedy show that was voted #1 in the country six times in the Renaissance Awards. He does it by poking fun at himself and the audience, especially the ones who have earned it!

In this show he’s still not playing nice. Why would you want him to! Comedy comes from the truth and sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. Unlike his regular MooNiE Show, this one is not recommended for all ages as there will be adult language and situations. Recommended for 16 yrs+

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