Join us at the 2019 Blue Ink Playwriting Festival, featuring 4 staged readings!
June 1 – 3, 2019
4809 N Ravenswood, Suite #126
$10 general admission each play | $20 all-access Festival pass


RSVP recommended; limited seating.
SuzyR@AmericanBluesTheater or (773) 654-3103.



Saturday, June 1 @ 12:00pm
by Margo Buchanan
directed by Heather Meyers
featuring Brenda Barrie, Zion Bly, Scott Buechler, James Hesla, Suzanne Petri, Camille Robinson, Katherine Schwartz, & Randy Steinmeyer.
—About INVISIBLE INK: is the true Civil War story of Mary Bowser – a genius who poses as a house slave to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and spies for the Union. A long-forgotten African-American heroine changes the course of history in this fast moving and spirited adventure.

Saturday, June 1 @ 4:00pm
by Hilary Bettis
directed by Wandachristine
featuring Christopher Acevedo, Antonia Arcely, Elena Maria Cohen, Nico Fernandez, & Armando Reyes.
—About 72 MILES TO GO: Seventy-two miles. That’s the space between Nogales, Mexico and Tucson, Arizona – and the world of distance that separates a mother at a shelter and her American-born husband and children. This play follows a splintered family over 10 years of strength, struggle, and love, as they face the profoundly personal drama of immigration.

Sunday, June 2 @ 2:30pm
by Benjamin Benne
directed by Ana Velazquez
featuring Jazmin Corona & Aissa Guerra.
—About ALMA: Working mom Alma has single-handedly raised her daughter, Angel, on tough love, home-cooked comida, and lots of prayers. But on the eve of the all-important SAT, Alma discovers her daughter isn’t at home studying. A schooling and la chancla await Angel at home – but so does a creeping realization that more’s at stake than just a test score. A sacrifice from Alma’s past weighs heavy on their present; now, Alma fears her worst nightmare may soon be their reality. Will the American Dream cost them a life together? [by dramaturg Catherine Rodriguez]

Monday, June 3 @ 7:00pm
by Nathan Yungerberg
directed by Manny Buckley
featuring David Adams, Nick Dorado, Renee Lockett, Jack McCabe, Isabel Quintero, & Rafael Franco-Steeves.
—About MOTHER OF PEARL: In the late 1980s, a tribe of kindred spirits was sanctified by sweat and soul on the dancefloor of a weekly House Music party until a horrific tragedy turned jubilation into sorrow and friends into foes. Thirty years later the surviving members convene in the abandoned NYC loft where many of their most cherished memories and worst nightmares were born. 


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