RIPPED: the Living Newspaper

Season 29: “Lost and Sound”

Chicago’s Original. Est. 2009. Based on the 1930s WPA era program that brought Orson Welles, Arthur Miller and Clifford Odets into public attention, we present events that incorporate scripts from the original 1930s Living Newspaper juxtaposed with new material ripped from today’s headlines. Our annual festival cultivates new material and allows audiences to discuss topical issues together.

American Blues Theater serves social and service organizations through creative collaborations. The following organizations have been supported by RIPPED events since its inception in 2009: AgrAbility, Chicago Public Schools, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Illinois Farm Bureau, Lincoln Park Community Shelter, University of Chicago’s Urban Education Teachers Program, and Open Books.

Directors include – Elyse Dolan, Keira Fromm, Arti Ishak, Lavina Jadhwani, Steve Key*, Heather Meyers*, Suzanne Petri*, Richard Shavzin*, Arianna Soloway*, & Alex St. John.

Actors include – Annelyse Ahmad, Charles Askenaizer, Sammie Becker, Stephanie Chavara, Ryan Czerwonko, Dan Cobbler, Jazmin Corona, Joe Dempsey*, Maddie DePorter, Joe Foust*, Mark Anthony Gonzalez, Cale Haupert, Ashley Honore, Gary Houston, Melanie Keller, Linda Kimbrough, Jim Leaming*, Tyler Meredith, John Mobley, Lily Mojekwu, EJ Murray, Emily Osborn, Alex Pelletier, Isabel Quintero, David Rhee, Sarah E. Ross*, Dwight Sora, Clayton Stamper, Adjora Stevens, Kaelan Strouse*, Trequon Tate, Anthony Venturini, Alma Washington, & Kylee Wellons.

* Ensemble or Artistic Affiliates of American Blues Theater

Ripped Festival 2015
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