Thank you for reaching out to American Blues Theater. We send our warmest wishes for your continued health and well-being. We offer support to all those battling circumstances unfathomable mere months ago.

In July 2020, we will celebrate 35 years of creating theater and memories together. Our gratitude goes to all the artists, patrons, donors, and vendors who’ve made – and continue to make – this journey possible.

Our company prides itself on artistic excellence and community service in spite of a budget smaller than our heart and ambition.

During this ongoing global pandemic, we attack each day like a performance – fearless, supporting our teammates, and ready for anything. Most importantly, we don’t break the “fourth wall” unless advised by breakout star Governor Pritzker whose script “Executive Order for Shelter-in-Place” is sweeping the state.

Many of you asked about our upcoming programming and operations, expressing concern for our livelihood. Your generosity of spirit and donations are a blessing now.

Your contribution leaves an indelible mark on our future success. Our staff, artists, and Board of Directors assure you we will return to the stage. We will put our extended Blues family’s health and safety first while ensuring our show goes on.

Please continue to check our website and social media for programming announcements. Shifts in the season and how we communicate our stories are part of this new backstage drama. While COVID-19 isn’t a particularly giving nor collaborative stage partner, if we all keep saying “yes, and…” – we’ll make our way through this scene together.

– Gwendolyn Whiteside, Artistic Director

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